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Follow the Money to Sports Wins / The Matrix

Posted on: January 14, 2010 2:45 pm
As with politics, global matters or local events to find the truth in sports all one need do is follow the money. TV revenues are huge, advertising dollars paramount and the length of a series or the outcome of a contest is 100% predictable if one can figure out who stands to benefit from one outcome versus another.  I could lay it out and give everyone the formula for knowing that a series ( baseball , Basketball) will go 5 or 7 games , or for Football telling you why Arizona had to beat and would beat Green Bay. 

It  is the Matrix, it only seems real and sometimes it is. but playoffs are a different story. Follow the white rabbit Neo or in this case the money.  Over, unders, winners, losers or how many are simply pre determined outcomes known by the sports , TV, advertising and merchandising people according to programs that tell them how much money one outcome will generate over another   
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