Posted on: January 14, 2010 2:45 pm

Follow the Money to Sports Wins / The Matrix

As with politics, global matters or local events to find the truth in sports all one need do is follow the money. TV revenues are huge, advertising dollars paramount and the length of a series or the outcome of a contest is 100% predictable if one can figure out who stands to benefit from one outcome versus another.  I could lay it out and give everyone the formula for knowing that a series ( baseball , Basketball) will go 5 or 7 games , or for Football telling you why Arizona had to beat and would beat Green Bay. 

It  is the Matrix, it only seems real and sometimes it is. but playoffs are a different story. Follow the white rabbit Neo or in this case the money.  Over, unders, winners, losers or how many are simply pre determined outcomes known by the sports , TV, advertising and merchandising people according to programs that tell them how much money one outcome will generate over another   
Posted on: October 2, 2009 11:58 am

Cheap Suit

Mr. Obama should, among a host of other things such as understanding american values, keep his nose out of things such as getting the Olympics in Chicago. He makes himself to be  and he appears as what he really is when he attempts to grab the spotlight and make himself the hero. A showman, without any real answers, making promises on things (healthcare reform ) no one wants. To us Americans ( and there are many of us still left ) and others around the world he is beginning to look and sound like a carnival barker in a cheap suit.
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Posted on: June 16, 2009 5:40 pm


What would he have gotten had he killed two pedestrians?  60 days.  At what point does justice take over and money take a back seat?  Had someone with a far better track record then Donte had one beer too many but no money, that person would be looking at 20 years.

I'm tired of justice existing only for the poor and middle class, politicians and the rich seem to exist in some place other then america and work with an entirely different set of laws.

What a statement about our country and our system.
Posted on: April 27, 2009 3:41 pm

Please No more Commissioners

The more I play and stay involved with CBS sportsline fantasy sports the more convinced I am that they need to save money by eliminating their commissioners. I recently had an issue in a league and after writing several e-mails finally gave up. My last response to the sportsline commissioner was that I ask "how's the weather." and they answer "Toyot's are good cars."  The fact that they are trained to side step any real question or complaint is a tribute to the idiocy of the public writing in and to the training the sportsline staff recieves. The only problem is that issues never get resolved by them and the ones that are "SOLVED" are only solved in their minds not to the satisfaction of the paying customer. 

The only resolution I see is to have commissioners only responsible for getting involved in matters regarding cheating but dissolved of all other powers such as, issuing warnings of any kind, muting players, freezing add/drop capabilities of a player and the most common overridding league veto's of trades. 

The commissioners simply cannot get this right. Never have and Never will. 

I propose that CBS create No commissioner leagues whereby every owner is given a button on every other owner. When for example 5 of 9 owners in a ten team league push the Inappropriate post button the offending owner can no longer post. Develope a way for the owners by vote to self regulate. This works because they all have a vested interest in the league and they all understand the game far better then the Sportsline commissioners ever will. 
Posted on: April 20, 2009 2:30 pm

Scoring Boring

 I'm tired of reading the complaints about the new scoring system. Cream rises to the top, the system is an excuse for losers. Anyone who started Wang after his first outing has no excuse for the drubbing they took. Twas not the scoring system that killed your team twas the manager.

Posted on: April 11, 2009 4:49 pm

Opening Week LVP and Da Yong Award Winners

 An LVP is just the opposite of an MVP. This week opened baseball 2009 and I find it's alot more fun to vent about the "Least Valuable Player" then it is to debate who the MVP is.


My vote goes to Mark DeRosa. Without a doubt he was the biggest disapointment of the week. Cleveland was hoping he'd be better but I guess Mark just doesn't have it in him. He did manage a lousy hit against B.J. Ryan who is close to my opening  week pick for the DA YONG award (Dead Arm Yong ) but that priceless gem must instead go to Cliff Lee. We saw many closers and starters go for ERA's between 15.00 and 40.00 but unlike Cole Hamels , Cliff was able to kill his fantasy owners twice.

Cast your Vote ---Opinions will be counted


Posted on: April 5, 2009 12:47 am

Michigan St will be a huge dog vs. N. Carolina ?

 Probably Not considering the play so far I would have to take Mich ST to win it all.

Posted on: April 3, 2009 5:31 pm

CBS should introduce auction and keeper Leagues

 CBS takes a pretty good rake on the leagues then run. We all pay it because CBS also runs the best site. Easy to navigate and integrity of information. Sure we all wish we could get more stats  ( particulary Roy Hobbs members), but nevertheless the leagues are worth the entertainment we get. However, I find myself as do many other players looking for more skilled formats. I think everyone can agree that the format rquiring the least skill and the most luck is H2H followed by depending on opinion Roto's , keeper, salary cap, auction.  I think we all can agree that Auction Keeper requires the most skill. I understand that CBS because of the itinerent nature of the players can't do keeper but I wish they would do a salary cap and I really wish they would develope an auction league. If enough of us write in maybe they will. The sport doesn't matter, these formats are desired in football and baseball.  

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